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3 … 2 … 1 … Launch.

Hey there. Today marks the first of what will hopefully be many episodes of the Adapt Podcast. We hope that you’ll stay with us on this journey. This blog is an area of the site where we can reflect on the week’s show, as a secondary format for sharing what we think can be the helpful takeaways to the benefit of you, the listener.

This first show was basically an opportunity for you guys to hear a little bit about where we come from and what we are about. Our individual journeys have been very different but we find commonality in the ways we choose to spend each day and through the opportunities that are available to us. While our stories are different, we are all in this endeavor to learn and grow, through the insights of our guests and the feedback from you.

Typical shows will feature a notable guest who has excelled in the areas of interest that we want to focus on, whether that be in the realms of food culture, music, social media, art, or anything else that we find inspiring. Through an interview format we aim to have candid conversations about how they found themselves where they are today, with the goal of inspiring those who might want to follow a similar path. Have an idea for someone you’d like us to talk to? Shoot us an email as we’d love to hear from you.

Arnelle, Derek, and myself will be hosting the episodes on a daily basis, while Earl, Tyler, and Kyle hold down the production side of things and generally keep everything running smoothly. As hosts, with the exception of Derek, who has radio and television experience (and it shows!), we are new to the format, and I will be the first to ask for your patience as we work the kinks out, as I for one will have to find my stride in the coming weeks and months.

On behalf of the whole crew, we are really looking forward to building with you guys and offering a great product week in and week out.

Thanks for the support and PEACE.



  1. marta says:

    Congratulations! xoxooxox

    1. admin says:

      Thank you!!! We appreciate you taking the time to listen!

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