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One tweet to rule them all.

Sometimes it just takes one tweet. That’s all it took for our latest (and FIRST!) guest, Jarrett Hill, to be catapulted into the national spotlight. It was at a time when the Presidential race was in full swing, and volleys were being thrown from each side at a breakneck pace.

Thankfully for Jarrett, he had been waiting much of his adult life for this opportunity, and seize it he did. His tweet revealed the distinct similarities between the speech given by Melania Trump at the Republican National Convention, and a speech given by Michelle Obama 8 years earlier. Having an all-eyes-on-him platform allowed Jarrett to get out many of his thoughts and feelings about the election, as well as give him exposure to people and places he may never otherwise see.

This episode was a ton of fun, and thanks to Jarrett’s infectious and affable personality, an hour went by before we knew it. Please tune in to hear about his journey from a Starbucks to the top of the political stage, and we hope that you can glean something from his experiences that might apply to your own. We may not all get our 15 minutes quite in the same manner that he has, but we can certainly prepare for it.

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